Mark Jackson is a Detroit area painter and illustrator. His style is a synthesis of surrealist fine art and the visual language of comic books and graphic novels. He works in several mediums including acrylic paint, colored pencil and mixed media.

Psychologically charged subject matter forms the heart of Jackson’s artistic practice. In his figurative pieces, he draws subject matter from both Greek myth and modern pop-culture; subjects that are complex and conflicted, fascinating and beautiful.

Jackson follows in the tradition of the old masters of Western art, particularly the Pre-Raphaelites with their interest in myth, history and symbolism. He also borrows stylistic and thematic elements from the Italian 17th century baroque painters who focused on the darker, more erratic aspects of human nature.

Mark Jackson exhibits in galleries in the Metro Detroit area including The Loft Fine Art in Mt. Clemens, Weirdsville Records in Mt. Clemens, The Phoenix Café in Hazel Park and Tangent Gallery in Downtown Detroit.


Mark Jackson Artist Statement


My art is all about communication. An individual’s facial expression is one of the most powerful means of visual communication. That’s why I’m drawn to figurative art. The subjects in my paintings and drawings often take the form of character studies. Both mythical characters and icons from pop culture stand for symbols and archetypical ideas in our society. I explore the unspoken mystique behind these subjects. They are a means to comprehend complex emotional and psychological phenomenon. Through these characters, I communicate themes of tragedy, alienation, beauty and empathy.